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The M6 Group incorporates digitisation of its invoices into its business processes

Over the past 25 years, the M6 Group has strongly diversified, becoming a powerful multimedia group, offering a wide range of programmes, products and services available in various media: TV, internet, mobile phones, etc. It increasingly positions itself as a content publisher strongly anchored in new digital technology.

In this perspective, in late 2012, M6 decided to optimise the management of its supplier invoices based on paperless technology. «On average, we handle 62,000 invoices a year from 10,000 suppliers,» explains Benjamin Charles, the Group’s IS project / Back-office manager. «On receipt of each invoice, our accounts department matches it with the purchase order stored in our Oracle EBS ERP before continuing the validation process of the printed invoice. Not only is this fastidious but it also considerably slows down the process. » In addition, once processed, invoices were stored in remote locations, making any further consultation difficult.


Looking for a simple and effective solution, the M6 Group studied bids from various providers. « All had drawbacks. We were looking for a scanning solution to interface with our ERP. This was a simple requirement on the face of it but most solutions on the market were too complex or comprehensive for what we wanted to do. In addition, many providers impose outsourcing of the scanning process which is very expensive. At a trade show, we met Spigraph who presented their solution which was exactly what we wanted.»