VRS Elite

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Image optimisation and processing software

Kofax VRS Elite automatically improves the image quality of scanned documents, enhancing both capture efficiency and scanning productivity avoiding time consuming and costly rescans. With its unique quality image improvement technology, your documents are perfectly scanned from the first time.

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Kofax VRS is a smart software solution, capable of automatically creating and applying scanning profiles depending on the documents type in order to get the best quality image and to ensure an optimal treatment (BPM, workflow, EDM, ERP, etc.). The image orientation is made on the fly, improving the productivity.

Kofax VRS Elite automatically detects if it's a Colour or Black and White document without separating pages. The software is able to scan all the documents details (graph paper, blueprints and logos) and even process the toughest documents with complicated or textured backgrounds thanks to its CleanUp feature. Kofax VRS Elite makes the difference between blank pages and pages with few content, avoiding integration of blank documents in your workflow and with its Device Health feature, Kofax VRS Elite can prevent scanner issues by warning the administrators if needed.

  • Scanning quality optimisation
  • Black and White or colour scanning without separating pages
  • Automatic document orientation
  • Automatic scanning profiles creation
  • Blank page detection
  • Documents with complicated or textured background supported
  • Scanner management with Device Health feature