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Spigraph has years of providing professional service and subject matter expertise to organizations. We convert our industry expertise in scan, capture and process solutions into tangible benefits for our customers. This helps our customers innovate their business processes, reduce operational expenses and increase their competitiveness in their markets.

Leveraging over 20 years of successful project experience, we have developed a number of bundled solutions which integrate hardware, software and services. Our portfolio includes unique solutions for business processes such as invoice automation, digital mailroom, document onboarding and mobile capture. We provide industry expertise for business processes in banking, insurance, health care, government, heritage, BPOs and others. Your organization can benefit from our project experience through:

Shorter lead times

Our capture solutions accelerate document processing cycles. Organisations become more proactive and efficient in the handling of customer files, supplier invoices, delivery forms, etc.

Enhanced efficiency

Companies can centralize their information and ensure everyone working on a dossier shares the same reliable and complete data. Manual input is reduced to a necessary minimum, risks of error are reduced and the completeness of files is guaranteed.

A stronger customer relationship

Employees in direct contact with customers are completely autonomous and can take advantage of streamlined administrative tasks to focus on customer support. They are more available and more reactive in their exchanges due to simple and permanent access to relevant data.

Guaranteed reliability

Our digitisation solutions include monitoring and reporting functions capable of tracking documents throughout their workflow. This reduces risks of error and loss and helps to optimize the business process, while complying with professional standards and rules and adhering to technical requirements.